Where Are You Laying Your Roots As A Hockey Player?

If you have ever seen the redwood trees, you would know that they’re massive trees, huge. There’s an entire forest of these trees on the Coast in California, in Northern California. The trees will grow to massive heights, they are gigantic.

One of the beauties of the redwood trees is underneath their roots, underneath the ground they’re all connected to the other trees and they support each other to grow into these massive, massive trees. It looks like they’re these individual trees if you’re on the outside looking in, when you’re just walking by, you see the individual trees, but underneath, in that foundation and the roots, they’re connected to the entire forest.

Redwood Trees In California

Being the most effective you requires being a good teammate. Being the best that you can be, growing into the tallest, biggest tree, metaphorically, that you can be, means growing your roots with others who are going to bring you up. And it’s not you just taking, but you giving, you giving and receiving. Linking your roots with people, with teammates that are bringing you up and growing you.

During a hockey season, on your hockey team, you want to be a leader on your team, where you’re bringing people together, you’re making people better around you.

Remember, as a hockey player you get what you put out.

So if you’re making people better around you, you’re going to be better. The environment is going to be better, your hockey team is going to be better.

You want to cultivate these good leadership skills to inspire your teammates through action, through support, through lifting people up when they’re down, by leading by example, by your hard work, by your determination and by your positivity.

You’re an electromagnetic being, so when you go into that dressing room and you go onto that ice, you want to be vibrating electricity, making people better around you by just being in your presence.

That is the ability that powerful, inspiring leaders have, effective leaders in hockey and in life. Just like those trees, you’re nourishing, you’re giving nutrients out into the foundation, into the minds of your teammates.

And then in the off-season, away from the rink, it’s important to have a team, a team of trainers and coaches, a team of people, family members, friends that are bringing nourishment into your life, and you are nourishing as well.

It’s a balance.

And you want to be making sure that you have that team. If you don’t have that right now, it’s out there. Right now, with the power of technology, being able to FaceTime, to Zoom, use these technologies to increase your proximity. By your proximity meaning who’s around you.

Your proximity is increased to a global scale right now. You can use this to your advantage to be in the proximity of people who are going to really make you a better person and enhance your life and whose life you can enhance. You will see your growth accelerate.

Being in the proximity of your teammates on your hockey team and your life team is extremely important. These people who are moving you in the direction of your goals, you want to make sure that you’re a solid teammate by your giving. You’ll need to lead by example, you’re showing love. Being a loving teammate. Showing positivity, inspiration and your support.

There are challenges in life. There are challenges in hockey. Sometimes someone goes down, you need to support them, you get back up together, you encourage them. What you put out, you get back. When you put out positivity, you put out love, you put out inspiration, you’re going to get that energy back. It’s a law of the universe.

What you put out, you get back, what you give you receive. So with your team environment in hockey, your life team, have that knowledge, have that consciousness and link roots with like-minded people, link roots with people who are going to grow you. Link roots and link arms with that team.

Be in that proximity of people who are going to grow you into the best version of yourself.

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